So, You Want To Go On A Mission?


I have a bone to pick with my fellow Christians.  And often Paul did too…  He reprimanded Christians in the Church who didn’t have their priorities straight.  And sometimes we need to be reminded of how out of scripture we can be.

So, you want to go on a mission internationally?  I have no problem with that, go, but check yourself first.  The people I know that are wanting to go on missions are not even stepping out and sharing the Gospel to people right in front of them.  There is a need right in front of their face and they tend to ignore it for the thrill of something different.  It’s sad actually.  When events are held to reach out to people in your community, and crickets are in your place for missing opportunities to outreach with the Body of Christ, you’re in the clouds if you think this will change once you’re in a different country.  Idolizing missions is a thing, and it’s an even bigger thing among high school and college aged Christians.  If you are not even willing to reach out to the people who have not heard the Gospel in your own town, then why are you begging to be sent abroad to do what you aren’t even doing now?  

Get involved locally and be faithful to that.  If a ministry invites you to outreach with them to an unreached people group, go, make connections, and see how much need your community is in need to hear the Gospel.  Your eyes will be opened like never before!

Before you go on a mission, check your reasons.  If it is anything other than spreading the Gospel of Jesus Christ, then stop yourself right there.  The first things you should go over with yourself before you plan on going on a missions trip are:

  1. Getting involved locally with a ministry, if possible, dedicated to reaching out to the people group of where you desire to travel to internationally.  This will help you make connections with the people in this ministry that have tips on how to reach people of that specific culture with specific beliefs.
  2. Show your faith in local missions before venturing off to international missions.  If you don’t even desire to reach out to the people near you, how is it that you want to go international?
  3. Are all of your friends going on mission trips and you don’t want to get left behind?  Stop yourself right there.  The meaning of a mission is not just a weekend abroad type of moment.  A mission is meant to be a devotion to making connections with Christians in that area and reaching out to people who haven’t heard about the eternal Life Jesus Christ offers.
  4.  Are you looking for an adventure of a lifetime rather than wanting to serve the Lord Jesus Christ?  Serving the Lord Jesus doesn’t always look like a recently painted mural.  It’s dedication, it’s messy, but it’s what God calls us to.  God doesn’t call us to always live a happy life, but a holy and dedicated life.  Things that happen won’t always make sense, but a gospel of wealth, health, and happiness is from the devil- not God.  Don’t buy it.
  5.  Are you a different person on the mission trip that you wouldn’t have been back home?  I am talking about suddenly caring about outreaching to people, when you couldn’t give two blinks about outreaching in your own country, let alone your own community.  This personality is an on and off switch depending on your emotions, not on the Bible.  Now, if you’re radically changed on this mission that’s great!  But, we should realize and ask “Why are we more excited about going elsewhere when we aren’t even excited about outreaching to people where we are at now?”

There are a million wrong reasons to go on a missions trip, but there is only one right reason.

Check yourself before you plan on going on a mission trip.  I’ve seen too many Churches bring the wrong minded people, and too many Christians in college that are into the thrill of it rather than the reality of it.

Sure, God may have really put on your heart to leave the United States to preach the Gospel, but often times, we miss opportunities in our own countries because of wishful thinking about ‘whats out there’ mentality.  It’s the same.  It’s the same lost world everywhere.  The Great Commission will be fulfilled before Jesus comes, and that starts here with us where we are at, discipling and being discipled.

Now, I’m not saying don’t go on missions.  Go, where you are led, but remember that the need where you are at now is greater than you realize.  Get plugged in locally and pray about how and where God can specifically use you where you are at.  There are many opportunities we pass up everyday thinking about ‘what if’ rather than ‘right now’.


The Refugee Issue: What to do?

So, this may be old news, but in the United States, differing opinions about the Syrian Refugee issue among Christians does indeed exist.  But where is God in this?  Is He wanting us to be compassionate, yet to not neglect being wise?  Can two people be led by God in two different answers to this complicated question of the Syrian Refugees entering the U.S.?  Well, this topic is not one to take lightly, keep reading as I break down the issue of Syrian Refugees.

I feel like I have a lot to say about this, and some people won’t like it.  And before I really wrote about it in depth, I had posted something on my Facebook about it, in which I had two friends delete me (but who’s counting 😉 ) And I received nasty messages about what I posted.  “How could a Christian come at me like this?”  I said, although I really didn’t take it personal- you can’t take things like this personal!

Is God all the sudden commanding us to allow Syrian Refugees into America as the American Left presumes?  And are all who don’t agree selfish bigots who are not reading 1 John 4:18 correctly?  The question is not whether we love refugees or not, it’s whether we are being wise in letting so many people who pose threats into the United States in which could have serious consequences.

Delving into the issue, allowing thousands upon thousands of refugees into our nation is not a wise decision.  As Christians we should be wise.  It isn’t about thinking with your heart, and it’s not about putting your feelings first.  Fleshly feelings will get us into trouble when what we feel about something does not align with God’s Word.

To break it down, the main reason for a sovereign country to exist is to protect it’s citizens, and that is neglected when Syrian Refugees are pouring into our borders.  As of now in America, whether you chose to believe it or not, we have a godless president.  Where America is headed is back to Babylon.  And if anyone knows that story, it doesn’t end well for the people.  America will have implications for her actions.  Now, I love my country, and I specifically am lead to understand political matters and how we as Christians can be the best citizens of the state (in which we are called to be, reading Romans Chapter 13)  relating to us living by the Bible in our country.  That’s part of how God is leading me, and I don’t doubt how he is giving me information about this issue.

I feel like a different narrative is put on this issue in order to serve political and personal gains.  If you are a Christian and you believe a significant number of Syrian refugees should be able to come to America, I can only try to explain to you the horrible implications that would have on our nation.  We can be very naive when we let others take advantage of our kindness.  Now, let’s address the elephant in the room.  Syrian Refugees bring a different idea than most Americans believe or even know about, and that is Islam.   It’s a very different idea.  Different values and beliefs that do not mesh with the American way of life need to be understood.  We cannot walk blindly into matters without wisdom, and that wisdom comes from God’s Word.

When Syrian Refugees are here (don’t miss this point), we should love them as our neighbor, but we can also love them from afar.  Reaching out to Muslims and sharing the message of Salvation is so important, as it is important to share the Gospel with all who have not heard that Jesus Christ has given the Ultimate Sacrifice of Love (that a visa or citizenship in America never could).  Bringing them here isn’t always the answer.  America has undoubtedly clothed, fed, and ministered to the the most amount of people in the world since it’s founding.  More people have heard about the Gospel by Americans than all other people.  To say that America is neglecting refugees by not allowing a significant number of Syrian refugees into our border, is disingenuous.  We, as Christian Americans should be compassionate and wise.

Do I love refugees?  Yes!  Why should that even be a question I have to answer?  Sometimes I even feel like a refugee in my own nation, but that comes with being a Christian anywhere.  It’s not about trying to prove your love for refugees in the stance you make, or trying to throw in a few Bible verses to construct your argument that ends up meeting your own personal preferences to justify your stance.  It’s not about your feelings.

So, can two people be led by God with different answers to this issue?  The simple answer is no.  A lot of people like to think they are being led by God, and they can be, in different ways, but the main message needs to be consistent with the Bible.  Yet, there are a lot of people who are not yielding to God’s will, but their own.  This is no easy answer, but there are definitely wrong ways of going about this situation.  You can have compassion for people and still be wise and reject falsehoods that could have serious implications for your country.  It’s not one or the other: compassionate or wise, it’s both!  Knowing people who lived in Islamic countries who are not Muslim, they know and speak of the dangers of accepting blindly a belief system in our country that is not just contradictory to that of the Bible, but our complete way of life.

Hard pill to swallow?  I’m just getting started.


Romans 7:10

Romans 7:10  “I found that the very commandment that was intended to bring life actually brought death.”

My thought provoking question of the day is “Are we surrendering to the Cross or are we making a checklist of things to do in order to be saved?”

Before we can answer that question, I want to first tackle what Paul is saying here in Romans Chapter 7 verse 10.  What does this mean for us and can this relate to our own lives?  Can we keep relying on the Law, even though we know that we can never perfect it?  When we finally realize we can’t, like how Paul had this major realization, we come to terms with our flesh.  We understand that relying on the Law does not give us life, because we are relying on ourselves for our own salvation, we are relying on ourselves to do what Jesus already did for us on the cross.  When we make salvation a checklist of things to do in order to win God’s favor in atonement for our sins, we are missing the whole point of the Gospel which is this: We all deserve death, but God in His ever abounding love and mercy chose to redeem us anyway, and to offer us eternal life, to be pardoned once and for all.  It’s a feeling of fulfillment.  Of triumph.  Of success that isn’t based on our failures, but is based on God’s grace.  When Jesus said “It is finished” He meant it.  Now we should start believing that.

When anyone adds onto the true Gospel message it completely cancels what the Gospel actually stands for, and instead says we are able in our flesh to save ourselves.  I talk about a checklist, because I recently encountered Mormons that I talked to.  They were sincere in their faith, but people can be sincerely wrong.  People all over can be dedicated to anything, but if facts and truth don’t matter, then your dedication is just misled ambition.

So, you can claim faith in Jesus Christ and tie it to many works and subsequently, false doctrine.  But, we are warned about this.  (2 Timothy 3:13)  And so this leads to the question “Do I love Mormons? ” Of course I do.  I love them so much I want them to know the truth.  The Lord doesn’t even want one to perish (2 Peter 3:9).  All who live a false hope, we should mourn for them and want to reach out to them.  And that will be saved for an upcoming post, “Do we really believe the Gospel enough to reach out to the lost”?



A Diamond or a Pebble?


Finding a man or woman of God is like finding a diamond…hard to find, but not impossible.  I start off with this analogy, because often times when we go through life we tend to settle for ‘pebbles’ along the way.  Pebbles can represent anything that is not the full potential of what we deserve.  We all deserve that diamond, but very few of us are willing to wait for it.

Think about this, when mining, diamonds usually aren’t the first objects spotted.  Though through careful dedication into the process, along the way, they are discovered.  In my own life, I plan things out and I calculate when I can achieve certain things.  I am learning though, that the process is in the journey.  Although that may seem cliché, it’s as true as a blue sky in July.  Diamonds also take a long time to form (millions of years actually).  So how can we assume that we are ready to be somebody’s diamond or expect to find one right away.  God molds us and sometimes it’s not right away.  The casting process can be lengthy, but it will always be worth it.

The main reason I am writing this is because I see too many people settling for that pebble, instead of waiting for their diamond.  We tend to be in a rush for something that’s not supposed to be ours yet, or ours ever at all.  We like to think things have to happen instantly, and that comes from putting our feelings first before we put God’s Word.  We don’t want to pray about it, rather we want to make it happen on our own.  This is destructive behavior that leads to wanting our own will in our life instead of God’s perfect will.  For the moment you’re caught up in the world and it seems that God’s true voice in the matter is just background noise trying to hinder you from something you think is great and that God would never want you to miss out on.  Yet, this is just what we tell ourselves to gain approval from what God would never in His will lead us to.  His will is perfect.  Ours is not, and if they don’t sync up, that’s not the Lord’s fault.  Instead, we need to carefully listen to the right voice.

And then we forget to realize, or we just don’t know yet that God wants us to have that diamond.  And everything from God is worth waiting for.  Jesus Christ was the perfection of what we could never be, yet he created us and sanctified marriage as Holy and He wants us to embody and serve Him as we unite as one with our spouse.  Why would settling for a pebble or anything less than God’s perfect will be what the Good Lord wants for us?  We should be asking ourselves daily: “In what I’m doing am I glorifying the Lord?  Am I living according to God’s Word?  Am I picking up my Cross daily and praying?” Trust me, I have many faults, especially in living my life as Jesus did and for Him.  It’s hard, and we will mess up, but getting back on the right track is always what God wants for us, no matter how off track we seem to be.

To turn the table, we were the pebbles made into diamonds for God.  We were unworthy of eternal life because of our sins, but the only Diamond was put on the cross to shed his blood, so now the Lord looks at us as blameless.  Although this may have derived from the message so you think, it really hasn’t.  A true diamond, cleansed by the blood of Jesus in acceptance of faith of Jesus’s sacrifice for us on the Cross, is the diamond you should glorify God with in marriage.  Now, this doesn’t mean any Christian man or woman, but one who is prayed for, one who is truly in Christ.  And you may not see this now, or even in a few years (and that can scare you), but don’t let it!  That diamond you receive, if it is the Lord’s will, will be on time, prayerfully selected, and used in matrimony to praise the Lord Jesus.